Hi, I am May and I'm the owner and designer of “Clothe”.

I started my way in the fashion industry by studying commercial design in Shenkar school. After I finished studying I designed display windows and the interiors of stores, as well as brand management. While doing this I quickly found out how much I am drawn to fashion! The ability to express myself and my daily mood by different combination of clothing pieces fascinated me.

The moto “wear your vibes” leads me when I design my clothes. I love to wake up in the morning and find the outfit that will fit my vibe. As a busy woman with hectic schedule this outfit will have to fit my morning vibe and the evening’s as well, when only a minor footwear change is needed.

Clothe is a brand for strong and powerful women who don’t want to compromise on their style nor comfort! I try my best to find the perfect combination of fabrics and shapes that will make everyone’s head turn when you hop gorgeously between errands and tasks. I love over-sized pieces because for me this is ultimate expression of feminine confident- to be able to wear it with a lot of style and chic, while being functional and comfortable.

I invite you to enjoy my unique pieces that are made in small amount of every piece and sold in a few selected boutiques around Israel and through this site.
Very excited to serve and dress your vibe babe!